Seating solution for people with special needs

HIPO is a lightweight, portable, anatomic seating system, which supports back and pelvis, maximizing independence and encouraging daily and rehabilitative activities. Abililab unique design ensures maximum support while sitting on the chair or the floor.

Anatomical seating support

Personal solution


The HIPO seating system is specially designed for children and adults with light to moderate back control. After research and collaboration with clinical experts, we created a unique solution which improves the quality of life and independence for both the user and the family.
Together with a clinical team, we create the best fit for the body and the required seating position that suitable to the user's needs. It is possible to get HIPO as an of the shelf product with standard sizes or to create a fully customized product.


Anatomical and modular


HIPO is a unique,  curved shape body that follows the torso structure. Providing maximum back support and fixation, occupies minimal space, and allows free movement with maximum activity.

The seat support includes a unique saddled-shaped seat that can help to keep the hips abducted. The seat creates a comfortable sitting position, stabilizes the body, and makes it easier for the user while sitting. The support includes several quick connectors which allow attaching unique extras: turnover prevention, footrest, head support, and more.


Cutting edge manufacturing 

New possibilities in the world of customization

We produce our products using cutting-edge 3D-Printing technology. With the help of innovative printing technology, we manufacture our products from an industrial plastic material. We collaborate with Fleximatter, 3D-Printing, and digital manufacturing technologies experts.


To learn more about our printing technology, contact us!


Seating on the floor

Seating on any surface at home and outside.


​HIPO can be used in strollers, wheelchairs, etc

Seating on the chair

​Compatible with chairs at home, guests, restaurants, and trips.


Multi-purpose product




3D Printing



Rehabilitation Center


Rehabilitation Center



Rehabilitation Center


Mpdular mobility systems

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